Peopoll Christmas Party: Amadori celebrates Christmas 2017 with a great event at Carisport in Cesena



Carisport in Cesena has once again provided the setting for the special event which Amadori dedicates to its team every year to celebrate the festive season and look ahead with undeterred optimism. “Peopoll Christmas Party” is the name chosen for this event, where Menabò is a partner as regards organization and the production of the multimedia materials which have enlivened this occasion, with plenty of entertainment, award-giving and special guests. A large showcase, filled with words, interactivity, messages, and images during the collective dinner in the Carisport halls, which guided us through the milestones of the year, remembering the goals achieved and outlining future prospects. The final part of the evening featured the stand-up comedian Giacobazzi, on stage as special guest for a highly appropriate celebration of another great year at Amadori.