The new video shot for Profilglass with a race drone takes centre stage at Aluminium 2022

Dynamic movement, innovation, fast pace, grit, organisation, efficiency have marked Profilglass’s 40-year history and set the tone for the future of the company, one of today’s leading aluminium manufacturers in the world, heading to new heights.


Literally heading to new heights we had a race FVP drone fly into the plant and we have created a high-impact video that was a real head-turner at the Aluminium 2022 fair, held in Düsseldorf from 27-29 September, grabbing the attentions of many visitors.

With our creative supervision we also took care of the production of the drone aerial shots zeroing in on the production cycles and projects still in progress, ultimately creating a highly immersive virtual tour, compelling and fast-paced.


The adrenaline-packed video doesn’t lack a slower pace which features mainly in frames shot on a tripod. The text added through camera tracking helps to emphasise the concept “expanding our future” that Profilglass has selected to celebrate its 40th anniversary and to take part in the fair.


A concept that we have also reinterpreted in the booth, with customised panels to highlight the key concept of the claim: because “expanding our future” for Profilglass stands for new products, new systems, new opportunities to keep on expanding the potential of aluminium and its recycling processes, promoting more and more sustainable practices.