With Menabò comes the evolutionary branding.

Scientific strategies based on data and not mere intuitions, to improve through a creative rational process the perception the market has of the client and of its peculiarities. Thus generating an evolutionary leap that transforms and empowers, giving to the brand a life with a beating heart that fascinates and excites.
Aim: to assist customers in building or strengthening their brand using flexible, integrated and innovative solutions, anticipating trends and intercepting changes that undergo the markets.
30 Years of activity in the market
35 Professionals in house
24 International Awards
Three areas of intervention
A thorough understanding of all the dynamics of the sportswear industry, from the supply chain processes to commercialization.
In this sector Menabò controls competently the communication codes, trends, stakeholders, fairs, shopping experience (traditional and online). An experience that goes beyond Italian borders, thanks to the numerous international partnerships with global companies and industry leaders.
The Food and Beverage is a sector that Menabò knows and controls perfectly, both B2B and B2C aspects, through segmentations of HoReCa, retail and large scale distributors. From the study of positioning to packaging, from strategy to tactical promotional actions, Menabò supports its customers in finding the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency, between uniqueness and recognizability, between institutionality and viral approach.
At the core of Menabò daily operations is a concrete and profound expertise in the technology sector gained in over 30 years of experience in this field.
Capable to define the specialized contexts and technical vocabulary for each type of operational instrument, Menabò is in fact able to suggest the right solution for any strategic objective having technology, innovation and technique as a beating heart.
Services integrated in house
Market research (online and offline)
Consulting and Strategic Analysis
Brand architecture building
Results monitoring, operations adjustment, user profiling, positioning analysis
Strategic and tactical media PR activitiesAdvertising campaigns
Graphics and desktop publishing
Corporate image
Media planning
Radio and TV commercials

Management, printing and distribution House organ for companies and organizations
Publication of books and magazines

Organization of events and exhibitions
Trade fair participations management

Internet sites, intranet, corporate blog
Software and database
Search engine optimization
Pay per click campaigns and viral
Banner, DEM and their integration into web marketing activities