Veroni’s Christmas “celebrates” its new packaging with Menabò

The whole world of great Italian cold cuts, with their unique and inimitable taste that only an extraordinary tradition can achieve: Veroni, the historic company from the Emilia region that since 1925 represents the excellence in Italian cold cuts production, once again in partnership with Menabò, presents its new packaging lines dedicated to the 2017 winter holidays.

With the new Christmas restyling of cotechino, zampone and pork shank packaging, plus the new exclusive ‘premium’ line, our unique range of products dedicated to US market comes to life. “Taste of Italy” is a complete line, designed and developed for the American market, to create an offer that includes trays, vacuum packs and whole cold cuts.


New packaging lines dedicated to the 2017 winter holidays


Veroni - Nuovi Packaging 2017


The packaging line “Taste of Italy”