Adjutor inaugurates the biggest healthcare-orthopedic center of Romagna

Adjutor, the leader in Romagna in the orthopedic-helpers sector inaugurates a new healthcare center realizing an unseen mix in between distribution of products and ambulatory care services. At the center of the project, there is the will to offer to the people of the local community an easier access to orthopedic services.

The new Adjutor center represents, in fact, a great novelty for the whole sector, offering people the widest range of orthopedic, hearing and healthcare products on the market. An offer completed by the possibility to access to office visits consulting professionals in the same building.

The goal is to give to Ravenna’s citizens a qualified and quick answer to their needs, starting from the simple beauty and wellness products up to furnishing solutions to orthopedic problems. A real crown jewel for the community, for a center that becomes a point of reference for all the ones who need orthopedic assistance and dedicated professionals.

To inaugurate the new center, which officially opened on Saturday, December 2, Adjutor entrusted Menabò for the whole support on Press and PR activities with stakeholder of the city. An event that has seen also the participation of a numerous audience with two special guests, the famous comic duo from the eighties “Gigi and Andrea”, who entertained the public for the special opening.