There is a new kiwi in town: it’s Divo

31 march 2021

A new type of kiwifruit is making its debut on the fresh produce scene with its taste and beneficial properties, and Menabò Group was entrusted with telling its story, finding the perfect name and visual concept for it. A bright green kiwi with many benefits – think sweetness, texture, juiciness, vitamin content – to be named and communicated to farmers and fruit lovers all around the world.

So the creative minds at Menabò Group came up with Divo: simple, memorable, easy on the ear whilst bearing all the Italianness of the R&D effort put in this project by New Plant, an all-Italian enterprise. Doubling down on the Made in Italy provenance, the naming is supported by a tagline that puts the focus on the fruit’s premiumness (already clear from the naming) not only in terms of taste but also in terms of lifestyle choice, and it does so through the selection of popular Italian words that people can resonate with.

Indeed, wherever you are – working hard or hardly working (no judgment here!) – when you have some Divo kiwifruit you are committing to its excellence, its delicious taste, and to an experience that takes you to a sun-kissed terrace in the heart of the Italian peninsula right where it all started, and you are better for it.