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Menabò ancora una volta a fianco di Romagna Acque per la presentazione del bilancio integrato

The presentation of the 2020 integrated report of Romagna Acque took place on Friday 2 July at the Classis Museum in Ravenna. The publication, a key tool for dialogue with local stakeholders, was also edited this year by Menabò, with a new creative path, a natural evolution of sustainability communication developed for the Company from 2014 to today.

In the new key concept, water is seen not only as the essence of life but also as the very essence of Romagna Acque, by virtue of a true harmony of values.
Values ​​such as creativity, because water is life, lymph, regeneration and at the same time Romagna Acque is research, innovation, investments to build tomorrow. But also energy: water is in fact a force of nature, it is vitality, freshness and at the same time Romagna Acque gets involved with commitment and dynamism to manage the water resource and make the territory flourish.
And then sharing, because water belongs to everyone and Romagna Acque works to ensure access to water for everyone and create added value for all stakeholders.

Thus, in the visual, through the double exposure technique, the profile of a woman, who personifies Romagna Acque, merges with a spring landscape, creating an effect not only of aesthetic impact, but also imbued with meaning.
The graphic mood of the double exposure then acts as a leitmotif throughout the publication, in particular in the introductions to the chapters, characterized by further “mergers of images” and by the graphic enhancement of the essential information of the chapter.

The integrated report is in fact a full-bodied document, rich in complex contents, and the layout has been designed to facilitate reading, with a lean and airy layout and with numerous infographics to outline and simplify parts of text and important data, which the reader can thus be grasped at a glance, both in the full version of the publication and in the concise version.

In the same way, the synthesized and reworked contents were staged in a dynamic and enjoyable video that effectively presents the complex issues of the integrated budget even to “non-experts”.

The financial statements were finally transformed into a navigable version, creating the dedicated section of the Company’s website: