The first twenty years of the third millennium have gone by, ushered in by the unjustified fear of the Millennium bug and culminated with the actual trauma of Covid and climate change. In between, many things have happened, driven by the evolution of a society that has transformed with or through its myths: beauty, performance, technology, gender, planet, responsibility.


Of these twenty years, as always, that blue canvas that is denim has soaked up, very much like a sponge would, all of the changes that have come about in society, proving itself an effective litmus test of its being contemporary.

Behind this product so full of meaning is the denim industry that, always with its fingers on the pulse of the market-society, has taken action to realize its values and the trending sentiment, effectively building – innovation after innovation and decision after decision – the history of the fashion value chain.

From 2002 to 2022, Menabò has supported some of the leading players of the supply chain in communicating their innovations to the industry, through the several touch points where professionals and clients get together.

REWIND originates with the goal to review, through highlights of materials from the Menabò archive, the hustle and bustle of a twenty-year period ruled by creativity, repositioning, research of efficient and effective solutions, creation of the fashion value chain as we know it today. Pictures, videos, words which were used back then are now enriched with observations by and interviews with some of the industry professionals that were active in those years and that helped write the history of the industry, resulting in a video documentary.

At PV Denim Milan, on November 23-24, the first abstract of the REWIND video documentary is presented. This will be launched in its full-length version early next year

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