The human factor is at the heart of the new institutional video presented at the Aluminium exhibition in Düsseldorf: “We are Profilglass”

December 14, 2018

The communication strategy laid out for the company’s 35th anniversary,
lives on in the theme of the new Profilglass institutional video: It celebrates teamwork and is centered on people.
“We are Profilglass” was presented at the Aluminium 2018 fair in Düsseldorf. Menabò provided the concept, creativity and production. The video is a close up of the men and women who embrace the values and mission of the company, who embody them in their work every day.

Menabò also assisted Profilglass’ participation in the important exhibition, designing the new exhibition stand.

Institutional video

On the occasion of the Düsseldorf Show, Profilglass has also presented in advance the new sister company. This is Lamial, dedicated to the production of machined aluminum, mainly for automotive and high-tech transport. The company was presented with a video trailer that anticipates its many potentials and applications, told through 3D animation.