Next to Veroni for a new challenge: the launch of briobrain, the savoury breakfast kit, with a special ambassador.

Veroni challenges the concept of sweet breakfast, typically Italian, and enters the field with BrioBrain, the new line for savoury, balanced and ready-to-taste breakfast featuring 4 practical kits with a 100% eco-friendly packaging, to start the day off with the right energy, both for the body and the mind.

BrioBrain was developed in collaboration with the nutritionist Gigliola Braga, to find the perfect balance between foods and to bring the right dose of energy to take on the day, and with the support of our team that worked on the naming, packaging, adv campaigns and trade communication materials.

Also, a special ambassador starred in the social media campaign: Giorgio Chiellini, defense player of the Italian National Soccer team who was the protagonist of the shooting carried out by our agency to create the visual content that will feature on Veroni’s and the football player’s Instagram and Facebook pages until June 2022.

Pack Brio Brain Veroni Menabò