“We drive the future”: an event celebrating the journey of Start Romagna.

Start Romagna celebrates the fifth anniversary since its foundation with a convention, hosted in the marvelous Verdi Theatre in Cesena, and a brand-new corporate video.

“We drive the future” is the key-concept created by the Menabò team to celebrate a company that places users at the very center of its activity, pursuing a daily effort to offer an on-time, efficient and complete service. A service which is characterized by its special focus on environment and sustainability.

Deeply rooted in the local community, Start Romagna connects 80 municipalities with more than 150 public lines: a company that aims at making people fully profit from opportunities and emotions to be lived in the present, never ceasing to move forward.


Invito e Locandina Convention

Guidiamo il futuro


On stage, along with Start Romagna top managers, there was also Ugo D’Alberto – Account Supervisor at Menabò Group, who chaired the debate for this special event.