Romagna Acque publishes its 2018 Sustainability Balance Sheet and confirms its partnership with Menabò

“Fonte di Armonia” [A Source of Harmony] is the key concept chosen by Romagna Acque-Società delle Fonti in its 2018 Sustainability Balance Sheet. For the sixth year running we have worked with the company which manages and distributes water supplies throughout Romagna, following the design of creative concept, graphics and editing of the Balance Sheet, also producing a video to sum up the whole document.

The Better Living Ecoarea in Cerasolo di Coriano, in the vicinity of Rimini, provided the stage for officially presenting this publication which includes all actions, interventions and projects implemented in 2018 for the enhancement of water resources in the Romagna region.

Assets which are being managed in “harmony”, for a document intended to highlight – also visually – that both water and the company Società delle Fonti are important sources of values, wellbeing, balance and quality of life for the whole of our region.

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The 2018 Sustainability Balance Sheet