Excellence in details: with Menabò the ingredient branding is the new strategy of Riri

The Swiss group, amongst world leaders in production of accessories dedicated to the biggest fashion and leather industry brands, brings forth its renewal process. RIRI Group entrusts Menabò to supervise and realize all strategic communication activities, while celebrating the important 80th anniversary of presence on the market.

Zipper, buttons, rivets for clothing and leather industry, but also for outdoor and sportswear: these are the main products of the group that are protagonists in the new ingredient branding strategy, describing the absolute quality of productions and materials that have always been the trademark of the company.

The new positioning started from restyling the corporate image, identifying then the photo shooting style, to continue with the new institutional website www.riri.com and with the press and Pr activity for Europe and US.


The logo for the 80th anniversary of  RIRI Group:




A selection of images from the Photo shooting:



The website www.riri.com:


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