One emotion after the other: new video and new logo for PhotoSì

From the vintage photo, in snapshot format, to the calendar and the picture: in the new video, produced for PhotoSì by Menabò and Eshu Adv, several personalised products with photographs are animated in stop motion to show that printing your emotions makes them live forever.




The printed pictures, which describe the travels and holidays of the young female protagonist, in turn lead to a journey to her room, showing her while she is busy studying, and making her smile, as she relives one of the many happy moments spent with her boyfriend.

Along this path, the actions in the photos interact also with the furniture and items in the room. The tale thus becomes very dynamic, suggestive and rhythmical, communicating with great empathy how beautiful it is to be surrounded by your own printed and personalised emotions, and to tailor your own spaces with a touch of good mood and happiness.

The video, now on line, has been produced in several languages for various markets, and it has also been one of the launch outputs for the new PhotoSì logo, designed by the creative team at Menabò to enhance as best as possible and with a trendy style the personality and promise of the company: “giving value to people’s emotions and to their most precious memories, making them relive moments of happiness through high-end printed photography in numerous formats and with personalised items, which can be produced in an easy, smart and quick way”.