Textile innovation by Itema seen by Menabo.

Itema, a leading Italian company in the production of weaving machinery, confirms its innovative vocation with the launch of its R95002 denim, the second generation of a ground-breaking loom for denim processing. This new machinery was showcased on the occasion of the major International Textile Machinery Exhibition in Istanbul, once again with a video designed and produced by Menabò.



This video suggests a youthful and cool mood, at the same time highlighting the most innovative technical features in this loom, most notably a device called iSAVER, which completely eliminates the fake selvedge on the left side of the fabric, reaching significant advantages in terms of economic savings and efficiency. The Menabò team was also in charge of the product brochure and of the website www.howdoyoudenim.com where you can browse all of Itema’s denim-related solutions.

produzione video grafica


The pattern of values which Itema is currently weaving worldwide, on the other hand, is the concept selected for the new official video, also in partnership with Menabò. Its evocative images reveal the whole essence of the Italian genius of Itema, then move on to actually showing how the group’s values are turned into technologies which are becoming increasingly smart, flexible and highly performing.


For Itema, Menabò has also edited video materials for the Weaving excellence diaries format, that is to say how major fabric manufacturers con become brand ambassadors for Itema, by explaining the advantages of working with the technologies of the only company able to operate all three top-ranking systems for weave introduction.