Menabò is with Confcooperative to celebrate the seventieth anniversary

On the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of Confcooperative Forlì-Cesena, Menabò was involved in the organisation of the 2019 General Meeting, which took place in the Sala 3 Papi in Cesena.

From the design of the concept “Helping people grow, feeding communities – A seventy-year long journey”, to the immagine guida, the whole communication project and direction of the event were entrusted to the creative team at Menabò.

The pomegranate is part of the heritage of Confcooperative restyling its original symbol, expressing a value which has always been dear to this organisation: the community. Involvement and being close to its members are apparent in the bright colours which have been used, to express – also from a chromatic perspective – the continuous drive which is intrinsic to the cooperative form and to the association itself. An association which is able to continuously renew itself, also in the format of its meeting, involving always new voices and using new communication methods.

Invitation and Poster



The meeting was also an occasion to open the Confcooperative photo archives, using the selected materials to produce a historical video which was shown to kick-off the proceedings. A seventy-year long journey through the faces, voices and histories of persons whose path has crossed that of the organisation.



Alongside the history and past of Confcooperative, there is a future outlook. For this reason we have produced an innovative video which, through infographics, highlights the key points in the annual report by the President on the year that just ended.



Confcooperative Video-history