“50 anni di vite”. The main characters of an Italian history with Caviro



Caviro celebrates its 50th anniversary with an unforgettable event: an exclusive concert in special location and a special gift to the city of Faenza, where the company is based.

To celebrate the fifty years of success since its foundation, Caviro Coop is staging the “50 Anni di Vite” event, a soirée dedicated to its employees and to selected members of the press, to be held at the Masini Theatre in Faenza.

People who were and still are the protagonists of the company’s story—currently Italy’s largest producer of wine—were invited to tell their own experiences onstage, guided by the Group’s history: a rambling tale marked by product innovation and process sustainability.

Caviro honored its employees with a unique concert by the Italian pop and avant-garde singer Elio who designed a special repertoire for the evening that wandered from classical music to Italian pop and folk tunes from the ‘50s.

Menabò organized the whole celebration and designed a special edition of the Caviro logo specifically for the anniversary.

Caviro’s celebration of its half-century of history continued the next day, June 29th, with the free public concert of Elio’s band (28) held in Piazza del Popolo , the main square of Faenza.

Caviro sponsored the live music concert as a gift to the city. The concert was a preview of the famous “Emilia Romagna Festival”, sharing its history and love for the city through music.