When flavour and balance mix together, the result is a line of 360° goodness:
Menabò side to side with Gea Industrie Alimentari to promote the launch of Artica QB.

April, 29 2021

Original mixes of flavours and nutrients, all in one unique dish, single portion, complete and balanced, frozen and ready in just a few minutes: QB – which stands for Quanto Basta – is all of this and more, a line by Artica, a brand of Gea Industrie Alimentari, for a tasty, quick, light meal.

An innovative line to have goodness and quality within easy reach, that Menabò has made the start of the show for GDO buyers and final consumers by planning and developing dedicate communication materials, both B2B and B2C.

Starting with the trade folder, ideal to be used as a mini catalogue, to present in detail all five Artica QB dishes, to POP materials, such as the poster, the personalization of the freezer, the cover of the promotional flyer: all creative outputs highlight Artica QB’s assets, thanks to vibrant and light visual choices, in line with the packaging, and thanks to impactful key messages, for a more effective proximity marketing.

The goal: to give this line, where every dish represents a unique combination of ideal recipes, ideal quantities, ideal proportions in terms of nutrients and caloric intake, the ideal visibility.

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