Menabò side by side with Profilglass to speak out about sustainability

For the second year running, Profilglass, one of the most important aluminum manufacturing companies in Italy as well as the whole of Europe, has entrusted Menabò with drafting its Sustainability Report.  Our team was in charge of designing the graphics and editing the texts in both the 2019 and the 2020 editions, as well as getting the final document published on Profilglass’  LinkedIn page and in their company house organ.


The Sustainability Report represents just one of the many activities Menabò has been carrying out on behalf of Profilglass. Other actions include the production of communication material for their new Green alloys made of recycled aluminum, and the creation of a new section of their website dedicated to discussing sustainability, the circular economy and the commitment to recycling that has always set this company apart from others in their field.