Full steam ahead for the online launch: in times of social distancing, Veroni presents a new beverage project to agents with an impactful digital format, powered by Menabò.

Forlì, 29 May 2020

A challenging project, a new market, an unprecedented scenario: Veroni, the historic meat packager in Correggio (RE), while still in lockdown in early May, presented Toladolsa craft beer, produced in collaboration with the Lambrate brewery, to its sales force. The launch took on an exciting digital format expressly created for the online meeting “Cavalcare l’Onda” (Ride the wave).

The innovative beer project, developed by the company to expand its product offering from food to beverage and to enrich the agents’ portfolio with a trendy proposal, was scheduled to be unveiled as a surprise at the Cibus fair that was later cancelled due to Covid-19.

Together with Menabò, Veroni staged a lively online event, an engaging alternative to the originally-planned debut in the beverage world.

The online meeting, entitled “Ride the wave” – with reference to the wave of virtual meetings, the wave of craft beer, the wave of novelty but also the wave that characterizes the graphic design of the Toladolsa packaging – recreated the surprise effect thanks to a launch schedule organized to create anticipation and pique interest during the presentation.

Ahead of the event, the sales agents received a video invitation by email. It was designed to look like a movie trailer meant to spark curiosity and create a positive air around the upcoming virtual presentation. The goal was to involve and reassure even the most technophobic. The agents also received a link for registering for the event. Before the scheduled meet-up, each agent also received a sampler box with three cans of product and copies of the new marketing materials.

As a clincher for the innovative scope of the project and to keep interest levels high during the remote presentation, several smaller videos were included in the presentation slides. They illustrated all aspects of the new launch, so that each piece would be more dynamic and usable for the agents: from the video’s soundtrack to an infographic video featuring beer market data, from a docu-film on the brewing process to the final commercial.

This package of content highlighted the benefits of the diversification process and made it possible – even from a distance – to effectively transmit the necessary information so that agents could sell the new products successfully. Additionally, they got a shot of energy and motivation that got the whole team involved.

Menabò supported Veroni from the inception of the project, designing the packaging and all the coordinated promotional materials.

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