The client called for renewing the company message in order to reclaim market leadership, through the identification of a new image and communication model.

Our starting point was the celebration of the 80th anniversary of their presence on the market.

Menabò - Riri project

Excellence in details

Building excellence through perfection in the details: this is the new promise of the group, expressed in a new pay-off and with the adoption of a new tone. This concept is centered on high quality of the products and of the company approach; it transmits the company’s strengths and heritage of values, especially dynamism and craftsmanship, but also solidity and experience. This last value was emphasized by the important anniversary in the same year.

Menabò - Riri - web site

Memorable details, across all media.

The storytelling and reinforcement of Riri Group’s new image continue both online and off, thanks to a shared story that guides the tone of every planned activity. This narrative continuum, deployed across multiple media and channels, gives stakeholders reasons to believe in the group’s core values and lays down the basis for a uniform user experience for all target audiences.