Ctrl+Z by ISKO, denim sustainability in one word.

The so-called Material Science, the in-depth design of materials (at a chemical, physical and engineering level), is a scientific approach which, applied to the creative world of style, makes it possible to focus on circular processes and optimises interaction with the environment and with the industry to ensure high quality and performance.

This is precisely the innovation that ISKO – the world’s leading manufacturer of denim fabric and textile technologies – has brought to the world of fashion and which has played a major role in all the tradeshows held so far since the beginning of the year, with Menabò’s efforts to promote a better understanding in its communication to the media and industry insiders. On the occasion of the Bluezone tradeshow, an unmissable denim event held twice a year in Munich, Menabò joined ISKO in the design and development of a stand centered on the “Iconic by nature” concept and focused on Ctrl+Z , a new Material Science approach developed in ten years of research that allows the production of high-performance fabrics using only recycled and regenerated fibres. The stand was also an opportunity to highlight stretch denim, dyed with mineral colours or customised for the world of luxury.

Fair-related communication and promotion.

The project also involved Menabò’s international press office which, on the back of twenty years of B2B2C experience in textiles, took care of promotion with journalists, drafting and launching a dedicated press release as well as managing targeted interviews for ISKO.

Multi-channel communication

This revolutionary innovation has been the focus of several strategic activities for which Menabò supported ISKO in developing a communication concept dedicated to Ctrl+Z, which was also the core topic of an online and offline advertising campaign.

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