Amadori takes particular care in cultivating openness in the relationships with all of the people in and around the brand. It places extra importance on internal communication, actively recognizing that employees are the vital energy of the company. For this reason many of Amadori’s initiatives are dedicated to employees. This theme needed a common thread, a fresh and lively communication mood, that expresses all the pleasure of working together, of sharing values, a common vision and the family’s great passion for excellence.

Menabò - project Amadori


We called people from Amadori, “Peopoll” (which is a play on the Italian word pollo which means chicken). It all started with the creation of this original and funny neologism for the title of a picture album we published in 2009 for the company’s 40th anniversary. The album tells a story of life and work throughout the Amadori supply chain through spontaneous and timely photos of Amadori Peopoll.

Menabò - Amadori libro peopoll

Since then, all initiatives for employees are branded “Peopoll”: the trips for employees and families are “Breeding Peopoll “, internal cooking contestants are “Cooking Peopoll “, the running team are “Peopoll runners”, and so on. The most recent project is a new break room called “Peopoll Kitchen”, that employees of the Amadori headquarters in Cesena built. It’s a modern, welcoming and colorful space designed for moments of good food and joy, decorated with Amadori Original style graphics.

Menabò - Amadori Peopoll Kitchen

Amadori Original is another expression of the freshness of the Amadori spirit. It is a line of clothing that speaks of the brand in a brilliantly ironic way. The campaign revolves around witty English language “punny” mottos like “I know my chickens”, “Pollow me” and “Stay foolish, don’t stay hungry”. The mottos are printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories, with modern and captivating visuals.
In a short time, from cute gadgets intended for collaborators, these creations have become “must-haves” and source of contagious inspiration not only in Amadori but also beyond company walls, generating a successful e-commerce platform.

Menabò - Amadori Peopoll Runners


Likewise, the nickname of the chicken people, Peopoll, with its community look and feel, has also become a common nickname for external communication events, so much so that it has earned its own official corporate social media account.