A video to learn new ways of doing business:

Confcooperative Romagna promotes community cooperatives with Menabò.


There are territories that have a lot to tell. Inhabited by stories to hear and to revisit to be protagonists of new paths of development. How? Through community cooperatives, a strategic organizational tool to bring services back to suburban areas and fight depopulation.

A true entrepreneurial method, both innovative and sustainable, that Confcooperative Romagna promoted through a video.


The video made by Menabò zeroes in on the value and opportunities of this new way of doing business, with an evocative narrative featuring a poetic yet exhortative tone of voice, that has the audience feel and ponder on the strength of connections, between people and their territory and between people themselves, to bring new energy to the development of the local tissue.


The story highlights the appeal of getting involved and investing life and resources in this specific form of business, for one’s own growth as well as that of the territory, emphasizing the cornerstones of community cooperative: to recreate local services in the weaker areas, to enhance their heritage and to create new jobs locally, giving life to local economies through concerted and generative resourcefulness.